If you want to ignite your 2020 vision with clarity, and push yourself to reach your highest potential in a brand new decade—with an adrenaline-pumping winter getaway that will forge a stronger version of you to go along with it—Call to Adventure: Lake Tahoe is made for you!
You’re standing on the edge of the Sierra Nevada, gazing down at the still mirror’s edge that is the surface of Lake Tahoe. Snowflakes fall on the tip of your nose, your breath releasing in puffs.

You hear nothing but the gentle fall of snow, the ripple of the water—and the collective breath of your new tribe of fellow retreaters. You gaze around and feel both completely solitary in this stunning place and also more connected to your community than ever before.

We invite you to rejuvenate, reset, and adventure at the shore of America’s largest alpine lake. 

Experience the intimate, quiet atmosphere of Ponderosa and Jeffrey pine trees, brisk mountain air, and free to enjoy every moment.
Elevate your life with a renewed sense of passion, purpose and clarity.  
You'll wake up in the snowy mountains of North Lake Tahoe to enjoy sun salutations with Martin, hit the slopes all day, and finally wind down by the fire in the Tru Retreat Lodge with a cup of soothing hot chocolate or a glass of wine with both new and old friends. 

It's time to post your "Out of Office" and plug into the mountains to reset your body and mind. 

When you blend wellness with exciting travel, you not only get to experience the best a place has to offer, but you feel profoundly renewed when you return home.

This refreshing retreat is the golden ticket to finding your center, no matter what type of adventurer you are.
You have a beautiful vision for your life—but sometimes you feel disconnected and disheartened from bringing it to life. The hustle and bustle of day-to-day life simply get in the way. 

See the bigger picture on a Tru Retreat designed precisely to unleash your dreams and your potential. 

Lose sight of your distractions and rebuild your connection to a higher purpose. 

Adventure, land, water, sky, great food, and community come together for one vibrant, special weekend.
2020 is the perfect occasion to start anew!
Set your heart on fire with a renewed passion for what you want most in life! 

This powerhouse weekend will leave you ignited for the rest of the year. You’ll recover from post-holiday stress and set intentions for the year ahead.

Experience the healing energy of the mountains. Leave Lake Tahoe with clarity, purpose, and a clearer vision for the future. 
I can’t wait!
If you seek a destination that brims with "winter wow," Lake Tahoe is a top pick. Home to some of North America's largest, world-renowned ski resorts, this stunning locale is a snow seeker's delight. 

Escape dreary winter and experience the true meaning of "winter wonderland". You'll have the opportunity to engage in child-like play, release stress, let go of what's been holding you back, and allow your most authentic self room to explore.

You’ll bound with snow play activities like tubing, sledding and snowshoeing. 

Discover TREETOP Adventure Park challenges, where you'll gain confidence, improve communication, and inspire a level of trust in yourself and others. 

You'll leave the Sierra feeling happier, healthier, and sharper than ever before. 
This experience is about more than just having fun (although there will be lots of that!). You’ll walk away with the tools and techniques you need to return to regular life with a sense of inner freedom, clear intentions, and a renewed joy for life. 

We'll provide you with an easy set of mindful movement techniques, meditation, and breathing patterns you can return to again and again. Combat stress and improve your energy levels to take on your goals head first.
Lake Tahoe is a natural gem unlike any you've ever seen. With its sparkling, deep blue waters reflecting the skies overhead with incredible clarity, phenomenal mountain scenery, and endless recreation, this destination is a real treat. 

But it’s not just the big blue centerpiece that makes Lake Tahoe special. Surrounding this treasure lies the massive granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada. At 6,229 feet above sea level, the Sierra offers a once-in-a-lifetime view that can only be described as breathtaking.
Lake Tahoe is a year-round outdoor playground complete with 12 ski resorts, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, dozens of beaches, and 39 trillion gallons of water to enjoy.

The small mountain town of Tahoe City is a walkable downtown community with a vibrant mix of recreation, lively culture, and natural beauty in every season.

Lake Tahoe has been dubbed the No. 1 travel destination by TripAdvisor and a top finisher in USA Today’s 10 Best reader’s poll for Best Recreation Destination. 
My Soul is Ready!
Your place to connect with life
No retreat is complete without an incredible home base. Granlibakken Resort is a historic, family-owned resort nestled in a 74-acre wooded valley just one mile from Tahoe City and Lake Tahoe. You'll enjoy the charm and intimacy of a mountain hideaway that's close to shopping and recreation in Tahoe City. 

Onsite, you can take advantage of a luxurious day spa, rejuvenate from within in the Soul Shelter Yoga and Meditation Space, or get a moment of peace in the meditation garden. Unwind in the pool, hot tub, or sauna onsite, plus get access to miles of spectacular hiking and biking trails.

Granlibakken's intimate ski hill is perfect for a beginner or intermediate skier and snowboarder, with a rental shop, ski school and warming hut on the premises. And if you need it, you'll have Wi-Fi access, too.

“As soon as you come to Granlibakken and the area, it’s very healing. When you step outside to breathe the fresh air, you know your body, soul and mind are being healed."
"I have never felt so connected to people so quickly. It was an amazing experience and made me feel so grounded. I have come back to my own life feeling like a new person. Never thought I could feel that great so quickly. "

-Laura J.
Ski resorts
Just a short distance away you’ll experience world-class ski resorts including Squaw Valley and Homewood. 

Squaw Valley is known for an energy that transcends its natural beauty and a vibrancy. Nestled across the Sierra Nevada with more than 6,000 acres of skiing, this ski resort features 42 lifts, 270 trails, and a stunning European-inspired village boasting nearly 60 bars, restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries.

Experience beginner- and intermediate-friendly skiing areas in the very same peaks that hosted the 1960s Winter Olympics!

Homewood Resort offers fun terrain for all abilities, fewer crowds than some of the larger resorts, and breathtaking lake views.
Chefs make magic in North Tahoe. The theme of  your cuisine is undoubtedly sustainable, seasonal, and intentionally crafted. The Tahoe Food Hub, a local non-profit, provides locally-owned restaurants with fresh, in-season ingredients. 

As the cherry on top, restaurants in Tahoe provide a multi-sensory experience with stunning lake and mountain views, cozy interiors, and immediate access to world-class recreation. Healthy, tasty, adventurous, and Instagrammable? That's culinary and wellness at it's finest.

Granlibakken's diverse menu and superb cuisine is sure to satisfy every palate. The executive chef, Ron Eber, has been serving Granlibakken guests for over 30 years with his sumptuous dishes.

Gluten-free, kosher, and vegan food options are a regular part of our delicious menu offerings.

This journey is totally for you if...
    ✓   You need a break from the busyness of your daily life. 

    ​✓   It seems like there is never enough time for yourself!

    ​​✓   You crave time to rest and rejuvenate in a luxurious space.

    ✓   You long to feel in sync with natural seasons and cycles.

    ✓   You yearn for deeper connections. 

    ✓   You desire a mental and physical detox.

    ✓   You want to tone and shape your best body ever.

    ✓   You are ready to blaze your own trail and live life boldly!

    This journey is not for you if..
    ✓  You want to stay stuck in your same old routine.

    ​✓  If you don’t like the idea of being nourished and pampered.

    ​✓  If adventure and exploration bore you.

    ​✓  If you always place everyone else’s needs above your own.

    My Soul is Ready!
    Why You Can't Miss this Retreat
    • Combine the proven healing power of nature with the transformative abilities of yoga practice every morning. 
    • ​Activate your entire body on the slopes, using muscles not usually worked and burn an enormous amount of calories! 
    • ​Get your adrenaline pumping and feel alive with fresh air, pure water, and outdoor adventures that capture the essence of your true spirit. 
    • Discover the power of what elevated healing at 6,300 feet can do for your life.
    • Connect with the beautiful stillness that comes with the snowy outdoors, and build relationships with other like-minded retreat-goers.
    • Create a priceless network of lifelong connections.
    What's Included:
    • ​4 days and 3 nights at our picturesque hideaway Granlibakken Resort.
    • ​​2 gourmet, chef-prepared meals per day
    • ​​​Daily hot yoga/fitness classes to heat and purify the body and awaken the mind to prepare you for an active day in the snow. 
    • ​Tru Retreat Welcome Kit with exclusive gifts
    • ​​Group excursions to world class ski resorts
    • ​​Free time to relax and explore 
      What's Not Included:
      • ​​Your round-trip airfare
      • ​Transportation cost to and from the airport (shuttle service available).
      • ​Off-site meals
      • ​Lift tickets and equipment rentals
      • ​​Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, extra excursions, taxis, and laundry.
      Your Trip LeaderS
      Martin Hinton has developed and trained unique hybrid forms of fitness and yoga that has transformed the landscape of the fitness industry. For over 25 years, he has been guiding students on a path of holistic self-improvement.
      Martin's classes are known for their "ceremonial experiences" rather than mere workouts, showcasing self-discovery during challenging moments of physical activity. 

      “If you’ve found something spiritually interesting or enlightening, you’ll come back for that, that’s what changes people’s perceptions of their bodies and their lives.”

      Martin is credentialed by the Academy of Sports and Exercise Science and YogaWorks and has received diverse training through the American Academy of Exercise, International Kettlebell Fitness Federation.

      He has three cats named Shug, Smallz, and Squirrel as well as three Labradoodles, Lotus, Lenny, and Ludacris.
      - FEATURING -
      Jamie Zimmer
      Jamie’s teaching journey began when she moved to Las Vegas in March 2014. She received her 200 RYT and eventually became certified at TruFusion in Tru Hot Pilates, Bootcamp, TRX, and Indoor Cycle.  Jamie's passion and dedication led her to the role of Director of Fitness at Trufusion Summerlin in 2016. 

      In May 2019, Jamie co-led TruFusion Summerlin’s incredible retreat “Ritual Recharge” in Tulum, Mexico.

      Jamie has always been drawn to the "team spirit" energy of class that makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. Jamie believes that daily practice of life on the mat balances the chaos of life off the mat. Whether Yoga or Fitness, Jamie believes it’s our own personal holistic medicine for mental and physical well being.
      Jamie grew up on the beaches of South Florida with a passion for performing. She has a cat, Pheonix, named after the mythological bird to remind her daily that we too can rise from our past and be reborn into something new.
      Is this retreat right for me?
      This retreat is perfect for solo travelers, friends or couples looking to experience something beyond just going on vacation. 

      Keep it casual or go deep.

      TruRetreats are the perfect fusion of activity and downtime, a harmonious blend of adventure, wellness, fitness, yoga and much deserved relaxation. 

      If you like challenging your body and mind, want to ignite positive shifts, and enjoy conversations with a soul tribe that makes you feel a part of something, this trip is for you!
      "The experience was overall phenomenal! Incredibly engaging and life altering!"

      -Crystal A.
      A LA CART activities 
      • Follow the forest path to Tahoe City or the Truckee River
      • ​Forest bathe on any surrounding nature trails
      • Explore the miles of snow-covered land with snowshoes
      • ​Hike Tahoe’s Rim Trail bordering the resort
      • ​Loosen up in a luxurious heated pool and hot tub
      • ​Experience a therapeutic spa treatment at the Day Spa or Treat yourself with an in-house massage (additional fees apply)
      • ​Put your feet up in a rejuvenating sauna
      • ​Go off the beaten path and see a different side of Lake Tahoe with off-trail snowmobile tours
      • ​Take advantage of private snowboarding and ski lessons from experienced professionals
      Plus, awesome Bonuses!
      ✓   Tru Retreat vision quest and goal setting workshop

      ✓   Professional photography throughout your journey

      ✓   ​Retreat Welcome Kit featuring tons of amazing goodies

      ✓   Access to private Facebook Group

      ✓   Niyama Sol giveaways

      ✓   Exclusive Niyama Soulful Sunday Live Broadcast with Martin Hinton & Allison Hart

      I’m ready for adventure!
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